Career Development

Wade Harris "As an Engineering Intern, I may be working on a project on the Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. The next day, I may be working with clients on a job on the Pacific Coast in Oregon. Even with my limited experience, Pike has given me the opportunity, responsibility and support I need to become a successful engineer in the transmission and distribution industry. " Wade Harris
Engineering Intern

At Pike, we understand and embrace the importance of personal satisfaction in a fulfilling career. We want you to look forward to the challenges and opportunities you’ll find here, every single day. We want you to know that the things you’re doing are important – and valued.

That’s why we work with you, to ensure you’re getting the tools and training you need to do the kind of work you can be proud of.

We encourage employees to continuously improve knowledge and skills.

  • Pike understands and embraces the importance of Continuing Education and Personal Growth
  • Pike offers Engineering opportunities on a national scale
  • Experienced seasoned employees provide mentorship to junior engineers
  • We offer Internship programs
  • Safety training is continuous
  • Employees receive service awards
  • We assist in obtaining licenses and renewals