Asset Management

Expert Asset Management helps ensure your entire system works efficiently.

Pike provides the experienced team it takes to manage your hard assets for power generation.

We analyze what you have and what you need – and make recommendations for more effective management – from plant operation to sending power down the line.

Our Asset Management Energy Solutions include:

  • Power transformer consulting services including:
    • Equipment specification
    • Writing and reviewing
    • Technical evaluations of proposals
    • Design reviews
    • Factory and equipment inspections
  • T&D maintenance practices and procedures
  • Apparatus engineering
  • Equipment failure analysis and testing
  • T&D work practices development and training
  • Design and maintenance standards development
  • Power quality services
  • Facility rating and coordination studies
  • Loading analysis
  • Infrared inspections
  • Hardware testing
  • Transmission line monitoring
  • Laser measurement
  • ThermalRateTM