Equipment System Testing

Equipment system testing

Pike provides real-time monitoring, control and protection of electric power delivery systems.

We offer an unparalleled scope of relay, instrumentation and control testing solutions that help ensure the highest levels of system responsiveness.

Whether we’re helping clients integrate newer technology into older stations, or maintain present structures, Pike provides testing and commissioning services for voltages up to 500kV.

Our Substation Equipment Testing & Commissioning Solutions include:

  • Power Transformers
    • Turns ratio testing (TTR)
    • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
    • Power factor (Doble) testing
  • Power Circuit Breakers
    • Timing tests
    • Power factor (Doble) testing
    • Gas leak detection
    • Contact resistance testing
  • Protective Relays
    • Relay setting application
    • Automated testing
    • Current transformer testing
    • Functional protection scheme testing
    • Event analysis and troubleshooting
  • Additional Services
    • Battery testing
    • Ground Grid Testing
    • Factory acceptance testing