Transmission Construction

Pike transmission construction Pike delivers the power.

Tens of thousands of miles of transmission lines and structures have been set in place by Pike, from the mountains to swamps and every terrain in between.

Our construction techniques and bare hand live line maintenance keep electricity flowing, with fewer system interruptions.

We safely build and maintain transmission configurations of virtually every size, with transmission construction from 44kV to 500kV; hot stick energized work; and bare hand capabilities up to 500kV.

Our Construction & Maintenance Solutions include:

  • Line construction
  • Line maintenance, rebuild, upgrade, relocation, and inspection
  • Hot stick construction
  • Bare-hand live line maintenance work
  • Grounding resistivity testing
  • Counterpoise installation
  • System reliability improvements
  • Fiber optic installations
  • Emergency service restoration
  • Rigging and heavy hauling
  • Project and construction management